Jerry and I are 6 years apart in age.  We couldn’t have been more different growing up.  I was always playing sports – baseball, football, hockey – while Jerry was mechanically inclined building motorbikes and tinkering with cars.  Throughout our childhood, I remember observing Jerry from afar.  He was always in trouble which paved the way for the rest of us.  After getting caught building a fire in a local park, my father pulled me aside and said “That’s all you did? You should hear what your brother did when he was your age!” 


My favorite childhood story involved the family station wagon.  With our parents away on vacation, Jerry at age 14 decided it would be a good time to take the car for a quick drive.  As he recalls the story, he drew a mustache on his face, grabbed my Dad’s rain hat and coat, put a phonebook on the front seat and concocted a way to push down on the gas and brake pedals.  The perfect set up to drive our family car down to the local schoolyard.  What could possibly go wrong????  Some how, some way he made it back without crashing.


Who would have thought that someday this kid would grow up to be a responsible adult… much less a NJ State Trooper?!?!?!